We work in your
best interest.

Our mission goes beyond just finding you a job, and that’s why we’re dedicated to providing long-lasting value for our candidates.

Why should you apply
via FatCat Select?

Carefully selected clients with top opportunities

It’s important to us to represent only proven companies, and that’s why we carefully choose the ones that we work with.

We genuinely believe that the companies with which we collaborate deliver exceptional opportunities for the advancement of your career.

Transparent communication throughout

Transparency is the key to our mutual success. To ensure that, we share with you all the information about the company up front, answer any question you may have, and keep you updated on progress throughout.

So that you don’t get caught by surprise or waste time, we inform you early on as to whether your salary expectations align with the company's budget.

Ensure you get the offer you deserve

Going above and beyond for our candidates is what we do. That being the case, we negotiate on your behalf so that you get the offer you deserve.

We’ve developed a non-negotiable policy, ensuring that your salary and other requirements at the start will also be met at the end of the process.

Valuable learning experience

Our HR and tech experts promote an encouraging atmosphere in the interviews so that you can demonstrate your talents and skills in the best possible way.

You learn during the process and receive constructive feedback along with suggestions on how you can improve.

More opportunities

We’ve earned the trust of companies in the market and they value our recommendations. So, once you’re verified by us, you can use our Candidate report and tech test results for future reference.

In the event that the selection process for the initial employer to which you’ve applied does not result in a hire, we can match and introduce you to another.

A trustworthy and friendly partner, even after you land the job

We strive to establish a long-term partnership with you and not to be a one-time contractor. This is why we offer a distinctive and friendly approach from the get go.

Even after you get the job, we’re there for you. We regularly check how you’re doing in your new role, and when the time comes for a new opportunity, we’re happy to help.

We helped them find
their dream job.

Even though job interviews are never non-stressful, I can say for sure that mine was made a lot easier and more fun by the FatCat team. The thing I liked the most during the process was that I was provided with all the necessary information about the interviewing company, especially knowledge that you can’t find elsewhere. I appreciate that they approached me with encouragement to apply for Workpuls, and helped me find a great company and team to work with and evolve professionally.

Tijana Djordjevic
C++ Developer - Workpuls

I first applied via one of their job listings on Linkedin. At first, I found the process a little challenging. I didn't have the right skills, but I received another opportunity a few months later which seemed like the perfect fit. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to re-apply, as this allowed me the time that I needed to improve my skills. Katarina and Tamara were very supportive throughout, and helped me to learn about the position. The technical tasks give you an insight into real-world tasks. I highly recommend contacting FatCat if you’re searching for a job in IT!

Linda Fitzgerald
Application Service Engineer - Daon

What I liked the most about the entire selection process is the efficiency. Right from the start, I got the all necessary information about the job and position, and received a quick reply to every question that I had about the task. The interview was very pleasant, and they were willing to give me feedback on my task, because I wanted to know what I could have done better. In general, the entire technical interview came across as a conversation, and not mere questioning. The HR interview felt the same, and was both interesting and casual.

Filip Mitrovic
PHP Developer - StockStudio

Other services.

In the event that you haven’t found what you were looking for, we suggest that you check the following:

Personal job agent

A Personal job agent is the perfect solution if you were unable to find the job you wanted on our job board but would still like to explore other opportunities

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