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8 minutes read
May 19, 2022

In this article, you’ll gain insight into proven practices and methods used to recruit people in the IT industry, provided by our hiring experts.

8 minutes read
Mar 04, 2022

Let’s talk about bias in recruitment and how you can make your way around it to make successful hiring decisions.

7 minutes read
Feb 24, 2022

You probably contact candidates quite often, alongside other recruiters, a.k.a. your competition. The challenge is to create a unique approach so that you can stand out, and that’s exactly what this article is about.

8 minutes read
Jan 05, 2022

To be in the office, or to work from home, that is the question! Unlike Hamlet, we have the answer right away: the Hybrid working model. It’s a mixture of both and is getting more and more attention.

5 minutes read
Oct 25, 2021

We’re all witness to one problem - we can’t seem to hire high-quality professionals fast enough. What’s the cause of the issues we’re encountering? There are many factors at play, and these involve both employers and job candidates in the current market.

4 minutes read
Oct 05, 2021

Next up in the tech challenge series - the memory game. Test your coding skills and give this old classic your personal digital signature. Good luck!

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