Why contact a recruiter when seeking a new job?

3 minutes read
May 11, 2021

Recent graduates and people having to switch to a new position for whatever reason have one thing in common: they know that finding a job can be a tedious task. Luckily, there are professionals who can do all the heavy lifting for them. 

Of course, we are talking about recruiters. In a way, you can compare them to the agents and scouts in sports. They thrive to find the best opportunities for rising stars and more experienced players, based on their skills, competencies, and other factors.

We can see the same example in the dating industry. Agencies help people get perfect matches based on their profiles and detailed analysis of their personalities, as well as what they are looking for in a partner. Recruiters working with job seekers will use their expertise to make sure that the company is the right fit for them, and vice versa.

The Benefits of Working with a Recruiter 

Let’s say that you want to buy a house in a populated city. You have a fixed budget and an approximate idea of where your new home should be. There are two options here: 

  1. Spend hours in front of the screen scrolling through property ads on different websites, and wonder why many of them don’t have basic info, such as pictures or a final price. Next, try to reach out to the homeowners and agencies, while repeatedly saying: “Why do people even have a phone when they don’t use it?” You already see where we are heading with this, so let’s check out the other solution.

  2. Unite with a professional who knows the market extremely well, while also being willing to listen carefully to your needs and preferences. After you provide them with the necessary information, all that’s left to do is to be patient and wait for their feedback. Soon enough they’ll reach out to you with an offer that best matches your desires. Sounds way easier than the first option, right? 

All of this can apply to a standard job application. You get annoyed when the salary is not transparent from the beginning or when you are ghosted without feedback, despite already being in the final phases of the selection process. 

Professional recruiters have an in-depth knowledge of the industries, as well as strong and reliable contacts. They’ll make sure that you are always updated with the latest information about your application’s status. More importantly, recruiters will always give you their valuable insight on why some companies you are interested in might not be the best choice for you.

Instead of spending your time and energy fighting battles we’ve all been through at some point, redirect them to yourself. Use the transitioning period to recharge your batteries for new challenges up ahead, brought by none other than the recruiter you’re working with. 

Get a Personal Job Agent

FatCat Select has got you covered. If you choose to get a Personal Job Agent, you’ll get a partner who’ll make sure you save time and get the job you want. 

In addition to cherry-picking the job offers that match your requirements and making sure you get the salary you deserve, you’ll also receive a Candidate Report and your tech test results so you can use them for future reference. 

In other words, you’ll minimize the need of redoing entry assignments for your future job applications. Moreover, your candidate profile will be ready to be reviewed by potential employers. That makes things easier for both sides and the selection process much faster. Sounds good? Check out our Personal Job Agent service to get started, it’s free of charge.

Like we’ve said at the beginning: hiring can be a tedious process. The thing is - just because it can, doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs to be. Instead, you can go through the whole process smoothly, with the assistance of a professional recruiter. Reach out to us with an inquiry and let’s get you that job you’ve always wanted!