Tips On How To Retain Your Employees During the New Normal

5 minutes read
Aug 19, 2021

Remote work was a thing even before the virus made it popular. People had full-time contracts working for employers across the world or did freelance on popular platforms. These individuals were more then ready for what was coming, but some were struggling to adapt. 

Eventually, it turned out that doing business from the comfort of your home is a huge blessing. At least, compared to having to commute every day with masks on, and then wear them through your shift. Remote workers also had a bit of stress laid off from their backs, since they were exposed way less to the chances of catching the virus. 

“Yeah, but home offices brought a lot of struggles, too. It’s not easy to stay focused, especially if you have a big family and small children to take after.” True. So, where are we heading with this? The last year and a half were a challenge for everyone, with no exception. 

Many couldn’t handle the pressure and left their companies. In other cases, businesses were not financially ready for the changes and had to let some employees go. This article will try and help you get some ideas and advice on how to retain your workers during the new normal. 

Cut Them Some Slack

Let’s jump to the past for a moment. Poof! You are now in a classroom. The big clock on the wall is ticking loudly, marking how much time you have left to finish that test. You’ve studied hard, but the look on the professor’s face, and the whole atmosphere makes it difficult to concentrate and do your best. You are under something that we like to call… pressure. 

Alright, enough with the high school traumas. You are now back in the present, a successful employer looking for ways to make the lives of their employees easier. The point is - we all know that at the end of the day it’s the metrics and results that matter for the company’s existence. 

On the other hand, it’s the people who are your biggest value. It might sound contradictory, but in reality, it’s simple. There’s a close connection between the two: survival of your business and satisfaction of your workers. 

Things are hard enough as it is, so avoiding strict deadlines and showing empathy is a great way to have people say: “I like working here, because even though things are messed up, the company is really doing everything to make them run as smooth and easy as possible.” 

Next, Give Them Slack

Wait, what? Ooooh, yeah, the software! Jokes aside, the next thing you can do is provide the necessary amenities and other things that will increase productivity and efficiency. Whether we are talking about remote work or office one, there’s cool stuff you can consider. 

Communication Tools

Imagine having your colleagues far away, and only being able to interact with them through phone calls and email. There’s one word to perfectly describe this: boring. 

In offices, they would usually chit-chat and update each other about their lives, while cracking a joke now and then. They need something similar in the virtual world, which you can easily arrange by getting collaboration software. 

Among the required formal rooms and channels, throw in some for sharing memes and non-work-related discussions. It will help people get closer to that feeling of true connection with the other employees. 

Online Team Buildings

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!” It’s hard to expect enthusiasm from someone whose mind is only focused on their job. Every once in a while, we all need to filter things out from our heads and let off some steam. 

Discord and Zoom parties are a thing now, where people gather with snacks and drinks, while sitting in the comfort of their homes. That’s a relatively fun thing to do, but for those who want something more competitive and exciting - online games will do the trick. 

The best part? There’s a lot of them that are extremely popular, and free of charge. All your employees need to do is make an account and get ready for some action. This is beneficial for your company as it makes bonds between its workers and helps them shortly escape from the daily monotony.

Safety First!

If the nature of your business requires office work, you should try and make an atmosphere where everyone will feel relaxed and safe. Even though it seems that the virus is slowly going under control, some individuals will still want to keep their distance and be cautious.

In other words, they’ll expect  you to provide enough space between coworkers, as well as hand sanitizers, masks, etc. By doing so, you’ll show that you care about the both mental and physical health of your employees. 


Let’s be honest, the previous year and a half really took a toll on all of us. Regardless of profession and age, we had to make some tough decisions and adapt to the rapidly changing living conditions. 

Many lost or left their jobs, depending on the financial situation of the company and their competence in handling the new circumstances. As things start going back to normal (whatever that word means now), positions will reopen and the competition for those roles will be huge. 

The point is, your workers will have alternatives if they don’t get motivated enough to stay. Among the other things we’ve covered in this article, you can invest in them with proper training. For example, professional assistance from FatCat Select experienced recruiters. See how we can help you retain your employees by sending an inquiry on our contact page