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8 minutes read
Mar 04, 2022

Let’s talk about bias in recruitment and how you can make your way around it to make successful hiring decisions.

7 minutes read
Feb 24, 2022

You probably contact candidates quite often, alongside other recruiters, a.k.a. your competition. The challenge is to create a unique approach so that you can stand out, and that’s exactly what this article is about.

8 minutes read
Jan 05, 2022

To be in the office, or to work from home, that is the question! Unlike Hamlet, we have the answer right away: the Hybrid working model. It’s a mixture of both and is getting more and more attention.

5 minutes read
Oct 25, 2021

We’re all witness to one problem - we can’t seem to hire high-quality professionals fast enough. What’s the cause of the issues we’re encountering? There are many factors at play, and these involve both employers and job candidates in the current market.

4 minutes read
Oct 05, 2021

Next up in the tech challenge series - the memory game. Test your coding skills and give this old classic your personal digital signature. Good luck!

6 minutes read
Sep 15, 2021

Whatever the industry of our interest is, the choice of companies and employees, in general, is vast. Regardless, candidates still have the freedom of being picky and choosing the right one for their career. How?

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