Hire qualified IT professionals.

Our Technical Recruitment service is designed to connect you with the right professionals quickly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on your core business.

In-house-like hiring approach

We integrate with your hiring team and strive to provide the recruitment support you require, while respecting your ownership of the process.

Extreme attention to detail during the selection process

Dedicated point of contact

Regular updates on the progress

Objective and credible presentation of candidates

Positive candidate experience

Employer branding

Quality over quantity.

With a mission to redefine the relationship between businesses and hiring agencies as you know it, FatCat Select focuses on providing quality candidates rather than merely forwarding a bunch of unfiltered resumes.

How does it work?

Our team collects all the information necessary to gain a deep understanding of the role requirements and your company culture

We set the selection process according to the role and your needs

You receive a hand-picked talent pool of candidates, along with comprehensive Candidate Screening Reports

You select your next hire!

Need technical assistance?

If your team is overbooked and you need assistance with technical assessment, our Senior engineers and other individuals with relevant expertise can conduct a full technical evaluation of the candidates.

Full technical assessment

Technical task

Technical interview with peer programming

HR competency-based interview

Pricing: 300€ per candidate

We've got answers.

What is the usual time to hire?
At which step in the process do we get to know candidates?
How do we keep up with the progress of the selection process?
Do you recruit for non-engineering roles?
Can company representatives participate in the FatCat Select selection process?
Can we use FatCat Select and manage our own hiring process simultaneously?
What does it mean to have a guarantee?
Who carries out the tech assessment?

Ready to start?

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