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How it works?

Our HR and tech experts get to know you better and collect the role requirements.

We set the selection process according to the role and your needs.

You receive fully-tested candidates, along with a complete Candidate Report.

You select your next hire!


2 net salaries

3 months guarantee*

Guarantee transfer

2.5 net salaries

6 months guarantee*

Guarantee transfer

3 net salaries

9 months guarantee*

Guarantee transfer
Minimal fee: 3000€Technical assessments are optional, and you can purchase them at a rate of 300€ per candidate
Guarantee transfer indicates that if a hired candidate leaves the company within the guarantee period, you may transfer the paid fee to another role, and you'll be just charged the difference if any. All guarantees are subject to the guarantee transfer.
* You can extend the guarantee for a hired candidate at a cost of 0.5 net salaries per three months guarantee. You can add an unlimited number of guarantee months.

We bring long-lasting value.

We know what’s important when it comes to being an effective and efficient helping-hand for hiring. That’s why we provide the value your business needs right now, while also leaving a lasting impact on your future hiring success.

Carry out the process on your behalf and put forward fully-tested candidates.

Drastically reduced time invested in the hiring process.

Create custom-shaped assessment materials for your vacancy.

Exact candidate match according to your role requirements.

Keep you informed with daily updates and present candidates honestly.

Transparent and constant communication along the way.

Provide dedicated personnel for you and your roles.

In-house-style hiring quality and a great candidate experience.

Introduce the Serbian market to your vacancies and your company.

A positive contribution to your Employer Branding and future hiring experience.

Respect both candidates and the IT companies with which we come into contact.

A reliable and trustworthy partner in the Serbian IT market.

Quality over quantity.

Providing value for our clients is the essence of our service, and that means we prioritize quality over quantity by means of an extensive selection process.

This further allows you to spend less time on the selection process and only proceed with fine-filtered candidates who precisely match your requirements.

Here are some things we do to find great candidates:

Sourcing and generating talent pool

Setting and carrying out the pre-screening process

Testing candidates using custom-made technical tasks

Full technical interviewing by Senior professionals from the relevant field

Assessing the personality and behavioral competencies of each candidate

Assessing English language proficiency with an English professor

We've got answers.

Who carries out the tech assessment?
Can company representatives participate in the FatCat Select selection process?
At which step in the process do we get to know candidates?
How do we keep up with the progress of the selection process?
Do you recruit for non-engineering roles?
Can we use FatCat Select and manage our own hiring process simultaneously?
What does it mean to have a guarantee?
What is the usual time to hire?

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