Expand your
recruitment team, fast.

We offer fully-equipped recruiters for short or long term rentals with full access to all our networks and tools.

What is Recruiter on Demand?

A Recruiter On-Demand is an instant extension of your recruiting team. You get a full-time recruiter precisely when needed, and for as long as required to help you fill vacancies based on your set priorities.

An Recruiter on Demand is a reliable person who can manage the full life-cycle recruitment process, and help with:

Screening candidates

Sourcing candidates

Writing job descriptions

Job Ads

LinkedIn promotions


Onboarding and educating your recruiter

...and so much more!

When should you consider using a Recruiter on Demand?

This offer is tailored to meet the unique demands of businesses experiencing particular challenges. Here we highlight some of the most common scenarios where a Recruiter on Demand could prove useful.

If you want a rapid expansion of your recruitment team

Suppose you require a temporary expansion of your recruitment team, ASAP. You need experienced people but not full-time contracted staff.

If you have a lot of open positions

The recruitment process is generally time-consuming, and when you have many positions to fill, it can take longer than you'd like. Our recruiter will help with all your positions by managing every step in the recruitment life-cycle, following the priorities you set.

You’ve opened a new position, and suddenly there are a lot of applicants

Our recruiter can handle them all, including screening and filtering according to your requirements.

Let's discuss your needs and identify the solutions that will work best for you.

Why choose this model?


An experienced full-time recruiter

The Recruiter on Demand will work exclusively for your company, leveraging an extensive network of IT professionals in Serbia.


Full access to our pool of candidates

Some of the candidates are already thoroughly tested and ready to start working immediately.


The tools required to ease the hiring process

Such as a Linkedin Recruiter and an ATS to allow for a better overview of the candidates in the process


Daily availability and commitment

Your designated Recruiter will be available during the timeframes previously agreed upon with you, with the flexibility to organise the rest of his workday according to FatCat Select working conditions.


No wasted time and money

You don’t have to spend time and money on hiring a permanent, contracted recruiter whose services you may not need in the long run.


You are the manager

You will be in charge of managing the recruiter's priorities and all their activities as if they were one of your regular employees.


There are no additional fees or hiring costs with ROD. All you pay is the length of the contract, which can be a much better deal for you compared to success fees for each candidate you hire. It all depends on your needs.

Half Month contract:


Monthly contract:


3+ months contract:

€3000 per month

Other services

In the event that you haven’t found what you were looking for, we suggest that you check the following:

Technical recruitment

Thanks to our tech experts and psychologists, we’re able to provide excellent recruitment services which are fine-tailored to your company’s needs.


Bridge the gap between your ideas and a top-class product with an offshore, onshore, or nearshore team we’ll help you to assemble. You won’t need to worry about administration, equipment, infrastructure, or social benefits.

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