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We’re an outstaffing partner that assembles your own team, setting up premises and supporting your mission in Serbia so that you can focus on reaching your goals.

Why outstaff through
FatCat Select?

A dedicated outstaffed team is the best way to focus on your business and enjoy an easier kickoff for your amazing product, while also enjoying the myriad of benefits that outstaffing brings.

Significant cost savings

We’re by your side to take care of all the administration, so you can focus on work. There’s no need to provide equipment, infrastructure, or social benefits. You’ll save a huge amount in terms of resources, which you can invest in the further expansion of your business.

Full control over the development process

All of the experts that you hire will work exclusively on your projects. You’ll work with them directly, in the same way that you do with your colleagues back home. On a daily basis, you’re in charge of everything from working hours to the planning of sprints.

Similar time zone

Working in the same or similar time zones leads to a more stable and productive workforce, and as a result you’ll see an expansion in work volume. You’ll communicate in real-time with your team and ultimately resolve issues faster.

High productivity and team effectiveness

Through equipping each employee with a monitoring & time tracking tool, you gain insight into how your outstaffed workers are using their time and how productive they are, in the same way as you would if they were working at your local office.

A simple and fast team scaling

We have a wide pool of available professionals and customise our selection process around your tech requirements, allowing us to fine-filter candidates and present only those who match your project requirements. The final call on who to hire is yours.

Happy employees

The key to a successful business is employee satisfaction. We organise local events, team-building exercises and bonding activities to ensure that your team is motivated and happy, and generally feels appreciated at work.

Ensuring that you have satisfied employees may also require improvements to the work-life balance. We’ve seen results by introducing a net six-hour working day, which is something you might also find rewarding.

How it works?

The process of building a team is intricate, but we take care of everything so that your experience is seamless.


Getting to know you and your project plans a little better will help us to get a better picture of what and who we are looking for.

Candidate search and shortlisting

Once we’ve received your inquiry, we test and select the most appropriate candidates.

Team selection

We provide you with all the information about the candidates who match your requirements. From there, you choose who to interview, and ultimately who to hire.


As soon as you select the required team members, we proceed with the legal issues.

Working process setup

Together, we discuss the project requirements, project management, and communication tools to make the working process more transparent.

Team kick-off

The development team starts working within a few days of signing the contract.

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Why Serbia?

Geographical location

Most European capitals are within a three-hour flight of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

Price/quality ratio

Serbia is known to be home to highly competent, enthusiastic, and well-educated software developers that offer top-notch service at a great hourly rate.

Time zone

Serbia’s timezone matches Western-European countries to within an hour, and this ensures that you can communicate frequently with the software development team and get issues resolved faster.


You won’t have to worry about language barriers when working with Serbian developers. In support of that fact, Serbia ranked 17th out of 100 countries on the English Proficiency Index in 2019, scoring 61.30, which is considerably high.

Cultural compatibility

Serbia presents a neat balance and link between the East and West, both on personal and business levels, making it easy to build successful relationships.

We can help you build a team geared for success.

No matter what product idea you have in mind, our expertise and wide talent pool make it easy to find and hire the right professionals.

Other services

If the Outstaffing isn’t quite what you’re looking for, check out our other services:

Technical Recruitment

Thanks to our tech experts and psychologists, we’re able to provide excellent recruitment services which are fine-tailored to your company’s needs.

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