5+ years of experience


Novi Sad

Product company


Selection process duration: 3h+

Project Manager

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5+ years of experience


Novi Sad

Product company


Selection process duration: 3h+

Why should you apply?

This is an amazing opportunity to launch your career alongside Hollywood and tech giants in a pioneering startup. You will work in a state-of-the-art environment, committed to bringing Hollywood and Silicon Valley mindset and culture to the Serbian market.

About this company

Wonder Dynamics is a media-tech startup from the USA, focused on the future of filmmaking, by developing an AI production tool that will reinvent the production and post-production processes. Their mission is to make the use of visual effects more accessible, which would result in Indie film producers delivering blockbuster-level VFX with a significantly smaller budget than before.

The company’s co-founders are Tye Sheridan, who starred in Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One”, and Nikola Todorovic, a visual artist. They have lined up a roster of Hollywood and tech mavens for their advisory board. Their business is global and B2C oriented, with some of the clients being huge names in the industry, such as Warner Bros and Universal Studios. 

They have also collaborated with companies like Comcast, AT&T, and others. Wonder Dynamics is backed by the Founders Fund, a leading Silicon Valley VC that funded giants such as SpaceX, Facebook, Spotify, and DeepMind.

Selection process 

  • FatCat Select Tech Screening Questionnaire - 30 min

  • FatCat Select HR Video Screening - 20 min

  • Client-side Intro Meeting - 20-30 min

  • Client-side Founders Interview - 1h

  • Client-side Final interview - 1h

Position details 

Wonder Dynamics is looking for an experienced Project Manager to join their web-based AI platform - Wonder AI Suite. They want to hire a Project Manager who will facilitate the ongoing development of the project, which will require managing a team of 12 people in the Machine Learning department.

You will be the first member of the project management team and collaborate closely with the Co-Founders. Being a startup, Wonder Dynamics offers everyone a chance to quickly advance up to executive-level positions.

Project details 

You will be working on a project called Wonder AI Suite. In essence, it’s a video-editing platform that automates the process of creating visual effects with AI.

The platform’s key goal is to reduce the costs associated with the production and post-production processes for content that involves CG characters and digital worlds. In other words, the main focus is on building AI content, while automating the ‘objective’ part of the process and leaving the creative work to artists. By doing so, they hope to provide opportunities for filmmakers whose visions exceed their budgets.

Key responsibilities 

  • Maintain communication between executives, engineers, designers, testers, and researchers to facilitate the completion of tasks, meet deadlines, and ensure that the launch dates are met

  • Lead fast-paced, effective, energizing daily stand-ups (supporting scrum) and group meetings

  • Predict potential problems before they arise and provide proactive intervention

  • Support technical product management by providing product guidance

  • Help curate, communicate and manage a long-term project roadmap

  • Manage the engineering team at high velocity through writing and managing user stories, bug reports, and support tickets

  • Handle pipeline issues cross-departmentally, which is a very important responsibility of this position


  • Expertise in agile, iterative development using tools such as Notion and Jira.

  • SaaS experience is preferred, but not required

  • Ability to interact effectively with others, communicate clearly, and manage projects efficiently

  • Extensive experience handling heavy schedules in a very time-bound environment

  • The ability to communicate effectively through interdepartmental channels 

  • Experience in creating consistent and well-communicated project plans that involve all constituent stakeholders and are carried down into the engineering organization

  • Bachelor of Science degree 


  • 2+ years of experience in the role of Product, Project, and Quality Manager for high-end software products

  • Proficiency in written and verbal English


As the first member of the project management team, you will work closely with the Co-Founders and the Machine Learning team. As stated before, you will be responsible for managing the Machine Learning team, which consists of 12 people.

Working conditions 

  • Working hours 9 AM to 6 PM (with one-hour lunch break)

  • Preferably working on-site - from the Novi Sad office. Candidates located outside Novi Sad are eligible for a hybrid working model with 1-2 days a week in the office.

  • A three-year work contract,  after a six months probation period

  • 20 vacation days 

  • The best and newest equipment


  • Stock options 

  • Performance bonuses

  • Lunch

  • Trips to LA once or twice a year

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