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5+ years of experience



Outsourcing & Product

IT Services & IT Consulting

Selection process duration: ∼ 3h

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Join Vacation Tracker’s team as a Product Manager and work on developing their amazing product! Trusted by 2,000 companies, you'll drive product success, collaborate with clients, and prioritize features. Enjoy working remotely while helping clients achieve greatness with new tech solutions!

Position details

Vacation Tracker is looking for an experienced Product Manager to join their team and work on their product! They are bootstrapped and have reached over $1M ARR, with the goal to reach $10M ARR, which is why they are on the lookout for a new addition to their team to grow with them!

Project details

Vacation Tracker is a leading leave management software that's trusted by more than 2,000 companies of all shapes and sizes to help automate their leave tracking efforts. It is available on Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Workspace. With this tool, employees can spend more time enjoying their vacation and not planning it.


The Vacation Tracker team is a tight-knit, multicultural melting pot of competent and knowledgeable industry experts, with just the right amount of overzealousness when it comes to work. There are 16 people working at the company and they are based across Serbia, Canada, and Spain.

Key responsibilities 

  • Product Management: Taking ownership and driving the development and success of the product

  • Features Testing and Client Communication: Collaborating with clients to gather feedback, understand their needs, and test new product features to ensure they meet customer requirements

  • Market Research and Prioritization: Conducting market research to understand trends and competition, and using that information to prioritize features and improvements for the product

  • Feature Planning and Delivery: Developing detailed product specifications, creating plans for feature implementation, and delivering minimum viable products (MVPs) while remaining open to feedback and incorporating analytics data to iterate on the product. 

  • Decision Making: Being a decisive figure in the product development process, making informed decisions that contribute to the success of the product

  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Collaborating with various teams within the company, including product, marketing, support, and management teams, to ensure smooth product development


  • Experience with product management in a B2B SaaS startup environment

  • Experience with features testing and communication with Clients

  • Knows how to analyze, research, and prioritize (based on market research, client communication)

  • Can deliver planned features (specification, planning, prototypes, MVP) while being open to feedback and using analytics

  • Comfortable with being the decision maker

  • Is a team player and loves collaborating with the rest of the team (including product, marketing, support, and management teams)

  • Excellent written and verbal English communication 

Bonus skills and experience

  • Has experience/interest in Impact Mapping, Wardley Maps (or other similar techniques)

About this company

Vacation Tracker helps companies innovate and grow with software that's functional, reliable, and easy to use. As a young start-up, they faced a dilemma many growing businesses face – it was getting hard to track their team’s time off. Old-school tools such as spreadsheets were getting too confusing and time-consuming because there was too much manual work prone to errors. They spent weeks looking for a solution but were surprised at how difficult it was to find an app that met their needs. Eventually, It had become clear to them that businesses like theirs needed a simple but powerful solution to track time off. And thus, their search for the perfect leave-tracking app led to the creation of their own: Vacation Tracker.

What does it mean to succeed? They define success as the transfer of their knowledge and experience in the tech industry to their clients. The way they see it, they are not successful if they aren’t using their expertise to help their clients achieve great things.  

Working conditions 

  • Remote working model

  • Working hours: Flexible in CET time zone

  • 20 vacation days per year

  • 5 sick leave days


  • Private healthcare insurance

Selection process

  • FatCat Select HR & Tech Screening 

  • Client-side CTO Interview

  • Client-side CEO Interview

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