3+ years of experience




Health & Sports

Selection process duration: 2.5h+

Mobile Engineer

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3+ years of experience




Health & Sports

Selection process duration: 2.5h+

Why should you apply?

If you are passionate about building mobile apps from scratch, then this is the right position for you. It is a fully remote role, which gives you the opportunity to work on this project at your convenience - adapting work to your life, not the other way around!

About this company

Hurricane Studio was founded in 2020. It brings together people who are passionate about building and scaling products. Their team started a project called “TruckTrack”, which became the first Serbian startup to become a part of Seedcamp and 500 Startups.

They’ve used their experience to create a factory, to quickly launch and develop new products. The Hurricane Studio primarily operates in the UK market, managing four outsourced, and one in-house project. Most of their clients are in the logistics, healthcare, and sports industries.

While the clients are focused on fundraising, sales, and marketing, Hurricane Studio handles the product from a concept to completion, with maximum freedom of technology choices. When it comes to employees - they are planning to stay at a total of 15 employees. Their core values are transparency, honesty, and optimism.

Selection process 

  • FatCat Select Tech Screening Questionnaire - 30 min

  • FatCat Select HR Video Screening - 20 min

  • Client-side Tech Interview - 1.5h 

Position details 

As a Mobile Engineer, you will work on a product that is in its early stages, which includes developing the code with your teammates from scratch and being prepared for the complexity and the challenges that it brings. Based on the results, you might become a Lead on this project, as well as any future ones that Hurricane Studio pursues. 

Project details 

The project you will be working on is in the Health & Sports industry. It is a platform that enables at-home workouts with a live video stream, leaderboards, Bluetooth integration, and many other features.

Key responsibilities 

  • Implementation of third party Bluetooth integration 

  • Integration with Spotify and Apple Health/Google Fit

  • Integration with the Back-end services

  • Building the code from scratch, with assistance from the entire team


  • Native iOS/Android experience - being familiar with debugging native functionalities (like Bluetooth integration) is ideal

  • A previous experience in a startup environment is preferred

  • Experience with the process of pushing an app to the store

  • Proficient with Typescript  

  • Basic English proficiency


  • 3+ years of experience with React Native, iOS, or Android

  • Typescript expertise 


Currently, there are two team members that you would join, and both of them are Senior Engineers. At Hurricane Studio, engineering teams are grouped by product development. At the moment, there are three of them, with the fourth one on the way.

Working conditions 

  • Full-time Work contract

  • 26 vacation days 

  • Fully flexible work hours 

  • 100% remote working setup 

  • Equipment preferences can be discussed with management since they’re not predefined 


  • Flexible working hours, allowing you to always maintain your work-life balance

  • Private health insurance 

  • The current Covid situation does not allow for trips to the UK at this time. In the future, there’s a possibility for them to happen.

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