3+ years of experience


Novi Sad

Product and Outsource

Business software and consulting

Selection process duration: 3h

Medior Java Developer

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3+ years of experience


Novi Sad

Product and Outsource

Business software and consulting

Selection process duration: 3h

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M&I has a pleasant working atmosphere driven by feedback culture, trust, and mutual respect. You would join a dynamic environment that appreciates effort and shares knowledge. This is an opportunity for you to grow personally and professionally, all while enjoying everyday activities at the company.

About this company

M&I Systems Group is a leader in digital transformation, consulting, and development, with more than 300 employees in five countries. The company's past three decades of experience and presence in the IT market have resulted in a diverse portfolio, long-term relationships with over 400 clients, and partnerships with some of the world's most important IT companies.

They stand at the forefront of innovation and strive to respond to the full range of customer needs in the ever-evolving world of digital transformation, robotic automation, and artificial intelligence.

Currently, 300 people are working for the company, while next year they are planning to hire about 50 employees in different locations.

Selection process

  • FatCat Select Tech Screening Questionnaire: 30 min

  • FatCat Select HR Video Screening: 30 min

  • Client-side HR Interview: 60 min

  • Client-side Technical Interview: 60 min

Position details

M&I Systems is looking for a Medior Java Developer to join its excellent team of seven skilled members (1 Junior, 3 Mediors, and 3 Seniors). As part of this team, you will be working on the company product Beyond ERP, which is used by a number of business clients (companies) in different sectors.

The position mainly consists of keeping the system functioning, up to date, and in accordance with technical requests coming from the consultant who is in direct contact with the client.

If you become a part of M&I you will have the opportunity to work on their primary product in a supportive team and have the chance to advance your career.

Project details

M&I Systems has one primary product - Beyond ERP - with 3 versions and a couple of add-ons.

Beyond ERP makes it possible for businesses to reach their full potential through standardization of processes at the company level and optimization of business processes. In this way, it's possible to gain control over all business functions of the company and achieve transparency of information and business in one place.

Key responsibilities

  • As a Medior Java Developer, you will work on M&I’s primary product 

  • You will keep the system functioning, up to date, and in accordance with technical requests 

  • Collaboration with other team members in order to meet given requirements


  • 3+ years of experience in Java development

  • Experience with J2EE stack, OOP, Java design patterns, JPA, EJB, Spring/Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring Data, Spring MVC

  • Proactivity and communication skills in working with colleagues

  • Willingness to work in a challenging environment, teamwork 

  • Personality traits such as cooperation, stability, organization, and commitment

  • The desire for future advancement and improvement

  • English language proficiency


The current team consists of one junior, three mediors, and three seniors. A Medior Java Developer who would join this stable team of experts would have the opportunity to advance to the following positions: Senior Java Developer, Team Leader, or Product Manager.

Working conditions 

  • Working hours: 8 hours with a flexible start from 7.30 AM to 9 AM 

  • Hybrid working model  (combination of remote and office-based work)

  • Work contract or B2B contract

  • 21 vacation days


  • Team buildings

  • Sport and wellness options

  • Educations

  • Private health insurance

  • Ten days off for new dads

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