3+ years of experience



Product company

Apparel / Fashion

Selection process duration: 2.5h+

Front-end Engineer

Not Active

3+ years of experience



Product company

Apparel / Fashion

Selection process duration: 2.5h+

Why should you apply?

Cacotec is an early-stage startup that offers the opportunity to work on new technologies and improve in many aspects. You would gain insight into how businesses operate, communicate with huge brands, and be able to pave your way in any direction - frontend, backend, product, UI/UX, etc.

About this company

Our client is a digital venture founded and funded by Label Kings, a US-based company that has been in the apparel label industry for almost 30 years, working with many famous fashion brands. The team in Belgrade is mostly focused on digitizing a platform for the care label industry, with a mission to help eliminate its negative impact on our environment.

The idea is to make the entire process of care labels more eco-friendly by using QR codes. As a result, a whole new world of possibilities will open up, such as protection against counterfeit, providing unlimited translations, making content more accessible to people with disabilities, etc.

Selection process 

  • FatCat Select Tech Screening Questionnaire - 20 min

  • FatCat Select HR Video Screening - 20 min

  • Client-side Intro Meeting - 20-30 min

  • Client-side Tech Interview - 1.5h 

Position details 

At Cacotec, you can expect a dynamic environment that changes the way the whole industry operates. In the process, you will get the opportunity to advance your career greatly - both technically and personally.

Project details 

This position includes working on the front side of Cacotec’s platform. The project is put to production, with new features being developed daily.

Key Responsibilities

  • Implement best practices, speed up frontend development, and improve overall software quality 

  • Bring fresh perspective and challenge current solutions 

  • Be involved in the decision-making when it comes to project architecture

  • The ability to quickly output code when a new idea or approach is being tested, even if it means sacrificing quality


  • Proficiency in both spoken and written English

  • Ability to work without supervision

  • Desire to learn, improve, explore, be proactive

  • Have exceptional communication skills

  • Experience with other front-end frameworks


  • 3+ years of relevant software development experience with React and Typescript 


The team currently consists of three team members - two seniors with 20+ years of experience combined, and one junior, who has been for around three years in the industry.

Working conditions 

  • Flexible working hours with some overlap with the rest of the team (a couple of hours a day)

  • The Hybrid working model: for now, the plan is to meet once or twice a week in the office. This can vary, depending on the team’s decision for what suits them best.

  • 22 vacation days

  • Five days fully covered sick leave

  • Notice period 30 days 

  • Work contract - signed for a 6 months probationary period, and indefinite afterward

  • Salary every first workday in the month

  • Equipment isn’t predefined, you can choose whatever suits you best


  • Private health insurance 

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