5+ years of experience



Product company

Document Management

Selection process duration: 5h+

Engineering Manager

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5+ years of experience



Product company

Document Management

Selection process duration: 5h+

Why should you apply?

You're a fan of unicorn start-ups, and the idea of managing a team of exceptional engineers who love solving tricky problems using the latest technologies sounds like your cup of tea? Then you already have a good reason to apply and potentially join the Smallpdf team!

About this company

If you’ve ever had to deal with PDF files online, there’s a high chance you are already familiar with some of Smallpdf's many useful options. The company was established in Switzerland, in the year 2013. It offers user-friendly, safe, and reliable alternatives to other complex and confusing PDF software.

By implementing only the features that are necessary and adding a deep focus on the UX, their software quickly became the most-loved and trusted PDF tool on the planet. They’ve served over 500 million satisfied users from around the world and in 24 different languages since 2013! People from Antarctica, the world of ice and cold, also joined the list of happy customers.

Their scope of work is global and usually in the direction of B2C, but names such as Facebook, Columbia University, Unilever, and Hilton are part of the B2B relation. The cores that they value most and nourish are teamwork, ownership, growth, and focus.

Selection process

  • FatCat Select Tech Screening Questionnaire - 20 min

  • FatCat Select HR Video Screening - 20 min

  • Client-side Discovery Call - 20 min

  • Client-side Introductory Interview with the Head of Engineering - 60 min

  • Client-side Technical Deep Dive interview with Engineering Manager - 60 min

  • Client-side Technical Task - Homework

  • HW Presentation - 60 min

  • Client Cultural interview - 45 min

Position details 

Smallpdf is on the lookout for a new team member, or in this case - a seasoned and experienced Engineering Manager. That person would work on internal products for Contract Management and Growth while reporting to the Head of Engineering as their superior.

There’s the possibility of progressing in this role, depending on performance. Normally, that includes bigger responsibilities, but also a higher compensation package.

Project details 

There are several different internal projects, which include the following:

  • PDF tools (compression, conversion, editing…)

  • Contract (eSign and contract management)

  • Mobile app (scanner)

  • Growth (acquisition, retention, monetization)

  • Desktop apps (web tools)

The Engineering Manager would work as the pod lead in the Contract Lifecycle Management team 2 while being in close collaboration with the CLM team 1. 

In terms of the development stage, the Contract Management project reached Product-market fit.

Key responsibilities 

  • Mentoring, coaching, and nurturing the growth of the engineers in your team

  • Supporting technical decision-making, both within your team and the engineering one

  • Collaborating closely with the CLM1 and Product Management to set product requirements and provide high-level estimates

  • Working closely with other leads, engineering managers, and stakeholders to solve cross-team topics

  • Contributing as a part of the cross-functional team to improve and expand Smallpdf's functionality around contract creation, negotiation, signing, and execution

  • Enabling your team to deliver a high-quality product that will satisfy users' needs

  • Management responsibility for the engineers in your team (3-5 engineers)

  • Improving various KPIs and OKRs both for your team and for engineering in general

  • Assisting the Talent Acquisition team with growing and nurturing their engineering team


  • Degree in Computer Science, or equivalent practical experience

  • 3+ years of working as a software engineer or equivalent role building Web Applications

  • 3+ years management experience, preferably leading a team in a SaaS environment

  • Demonstrable ability to own a project from start to finish

  • Fluent English


  • Experience scaling (micro-) web services to millions of users.

  • Experience with AWS or other cloud providers

  • Experience with the specific technologies in their stack (Golang, React,...)


There are about nine Senior developers happily waiting for you to join their team.

Your combined and overall goal would be to create a tool that will make the creation, negotiation, signing, and execution of contracts easier for Smallpdf customers.

Working conditions 

  • Working hours: 9 AM to 5 PM, never overtime or on weekends

  • 25 vacation days

  • Unlimited and fully covered sick leave

  • Equipment: Macbook 16, Monitors, Headphones up to 300 CHF (which officially become yours). Anything that you could additionally need is usually provided and approved by managers

  • When the Covid situation calms down a bit and things go back to “normal”, the company will switch to once-a-week work from the office regime. Until then, this position is fully remote, with the option to go to the headquarters at any time.


  • Provided lunch

  • Parking lot specially reserved for Smallpdf’s employees

  • Professional development budget

  • Company events every quarter (once a year destinations such as Sri Lanka, Ibiza, etc.)

  • Eight training days a year

  • Occasionally, Smallpdf’s employees are sent abroad for big events, as well as visiting the main headquarters in Switzerland

  • Bonuses: Levels 4 and 5 get Employee Stock Ownership Plan

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