5+ years of experience


Novi Sad


Social Network

Selection process duration: 2h

Back-end PHP Developer

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5+ years of experience


Novi Sad


Social Network

Selection process duration: 2h

Why should you apply?

If you like being part of a team that shares ideas, knowledge, and expertise, this job may be the right fit for you. Additionally, working on a project related to the Social Network industry would be very interesting, since you could learn exactly how they work and how those networks affect us.

About this company

Long-term, large-scale projects are the focus of our clients. They have a team of software developers who specialize in startup development and their portfolio includes a range of successful projects. Several of them were created from scratch, while others were brought from a dead-end to success.

Selection process

  • FCS Tech Screening Questionnaire - 20 min

  • FCS HR Video Screening - 20min

  • Client-side Tech Interview - 1h

Position details

Creating 100% successful applications that can scale and be agile enough to meet any new market needs is this company's mission. An individual who has managed high-traffic apps and is challenged by maintaining them will be a good fit for the job. 

The team is using PHP, Node.js, MySQL, Elasticsearch, AWS, React.js, Javascript.

Project details

This long-term project is currently in the pre-production stage with plans to develop new functionalities and optimize current ones. This project involves the development of a dating application.

Key responsibilities

  • Developing new features

  • Solving day-to-day programming problems

  • Optimizations and improvements


  • Domain-Driven Design

  • AWS

  • Experience with SOLID principles

  • Experience with Design patterns

  • TDD

  • Technical education background

  • Professional proficiency in English


  • 5+ years of experience

  • Experience with large scale apps

  • Experience with PHP, MySQL, Elasticsearch


You will work with experienced developers as your team currently has eight members, and all of them are in the middle to senior levels of experience.

Working conditions

  • Full-time or agency contract

  • 8h working time, flexible working hours

  • Paid sick leave up to 5 days

  • Salaries are paid by the first day of each month

  • Based on performance bonuses may exist

  • 20 vacation days

  • Work equipment

  • Notice period - 30 days


  • Team buildings

  • Remote working

  • Customizable benefits that meet your needs

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