John Doe

Frontend Developer

Linkedin profile

Salary expectations: 2000e net

Note: The amount is negotiable

Eligible for incentives: Yes

Notice period: 30 days

Assessment summary

Strong intermediate level

Good technical knowledge of JavaScript, strong with React and Redux. Highly focused on optimal performance of app and components.

Team player, excellent presentation skills, very proactive.


John Doe studied at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. He has a Master s degree in the field of Software Engineering.


His first working experience in the IT industry was in Company X where he worked as Frontend React Developer on inhouse projects. John was responsible for the development of new highly-responsive, web-based user interfaces.

Currently, John is working at Company Y where he is involved in the entire process, from project conception to completion. He creates and implements frontend components and functionalities using the React framework and Unit-Tests. He is familiar with Scrum methodology and has experience in working on SaaS projects.

Technical assessment

In-depth technical assessment that includes prescreening, technical task, and an interview with tech industry experts.


The technical task review and interview led to the conclusion that the candidate is a strong Intermediate Front-end developer.

Strong points: React, Redux, up-to-date with new technologies and principles. Has experience with Unit/Integration/e2e testing and test automation.

Things to improve: effective library usage.

John seems to be an independent developer, with a strong knowledge of JavaScript principles, and in a challenging environment we assume that he will rapidly progress towards becoming a Senior-level developer

Things to examine more: dealing with more complex problems.

Role-specific technical skills & knowledge

HTML/CSS review


A strong grasp of both HTML & CSS, with semantical use of HTML elements. His style system was clean and reusable, and in the interview, he demonstrated a high level of knowledge with regard to CSS capabilities - layout system organization, icon system organization, useful mixins, and libraries.

JavaScript review


Good understanding of JavaScript principles, but lacks hands-on experience in resolving complex problems. He is quite up-to-date in terms of the latest Javascript directions, and enjoys experimenting and using new technologies.

React/Redux review


Highly focused on the optimal performance of React apps and components, and understands the best solutions for data flow. Although he likes new technologies and libraries, he doesn’t fall into the trap of fixing everything with a newly-discovered tool. Rather, he analyzes thoroughly in terms of which will be most effective in use - ex. hooks, context, effects.

Styled components review


Very well organized code and components, but lacking to some extent in terms of using library capabilities to the full.

HR assessment

Our HR experts assess a candidate's motivation and personality traits by utilizing competency-based interviews.


The ideal career path would involve moving in the direction of a Tech Lead or Team Lead role.

He is ready to move forward because he believes that the current environment does not provide sufficient opportunities for progress. John wants to work in a dynamic environment, where he can meet challenges and further develop his Front-end skills.

The things that would keep him satisfied in a new job are a friendly environment, interesting and challenging projects, and the opportunity to share and develop knowledge.

Self-defined areas for improvement: React Native, styled components, and Node.js.


His interest in programming began in high school when he started to learn JavaScript independently.

In his free time, John loves hiking and spending time with his family and friends. Besides that, he enjoys learning about developments in the world of programming and studying more about cryptography.

Self-defined strengths

proactivity, innovation, and adaptability

Universal behavioral competencies

Team orientation

We take it that John possesses excellent collaboration skills, as he's open to discussion, listens carefully, and also admits mistakes. He seems to be a true team player, as over the course of the interview he gave credit to his colleagues from previous companies, and pointed out team success on projects. He believes that sharing ideas and knowledge is vital for team efficiency.


John communicates clearly and fluently. He demonstrates excellent presentation skills, putting across content in a structured manner, and adapting his communication style to the interlocutor. He is an active listener who engages in discussions and answers questions concisely.

Passion & learning

John seems to be highly proactive and is driven by intrinsic motivation. Despite his intermediate seniority, he actively seeks to take on more responsibility and enthusiastically tackles more demanding goals. He is interested in cutting-edge technologies and follows new developments in his own field diligently. He presented himself honestly during the tech and HR interview and identified potential areas of improvement in his work, such as styled-components and library usage.

Problem solving

When it comes to problem-solving, we believe that John has an analytical approach. Faced with logical and practical problems he was breaking information into component parts, distinguishing between critical and irrelevant pieces of information, and discussing the advantages and disadvantages of various solutions.


Considering his openness to new ideas and positive attitude, we think that John is an adaptable and agile person who would easily fit into any setting. We believe he also has a good coping mechanism as he was put under pressure in the technical interview, but remained focused and calm. John is a results-driven person, and despite the fact he prefers flexible working environments, he finds it important to have processes in place which maximize productivity.


Although he does not have actual leadership experience, we concluded that he has great leadership potential. He gives the impression of being organized and dedicated, with an extremely strong grasp of the development cycle, and a featured set of all-important soft skills. We suggest that he should have the opportunity to lead a project, so that his prioritization and delegation skills can be assessed.

Role-specific competencies

Evaluation & forecasting skills

During the technical interview, John was confident while explaining the solution to his task and pointed out the pros and cons of his approach. He was able to forecast the long-term consequences of his solution, and what might be done differently in future to handle the situation more effectively.

Research & resourcefulness

Thanks to his curious nature, John comes across as a highly resourceful person. During the interview, he asked key questions in order to gain relevant information before arriving at decisions.He pointed out that he spends a good deal of time researching and experimenting, which might at times lead to a somewhat slow pace of delivery.

Innovation & out of the box thinking

Bearing in mind that he proposed several add-ons at Company Y, the candidate seems to be an initiator, and an innovative type. He constantly thinks about ways to improve processes and find better solutions to apply in the long run. Thanks to his resourcefulness, he easily comes up with creative ideas and solutions.


He didn't have a project manager in Company Y, so he used his people skills to gather feedback from the stakeholders and to prioritize tasks with them. He is not familiar with any formal backlog prioritization.

Red Flags

John comes across as being very self-confident, which might be taken for conceit by some at first.