Recruiters On Demand: When and Why Should You Hire Them?

4 minutes read
Jul 04, 2021

Regardless of how good your team is, its members sometimes need a helping hand. Let’s take sports as an example. Football, to be more precise.

It’s not unusual that one club rents a player from another one for a specific amount of time. Perhaps their best striker got injured and they desperately want to win the league, or the young goalkeeper needs an experienced professional by his side to help him improve.

The same applies to companies looking for new hires, facing turbulent periods or even better, expanding so rapidly that they can’t handle everything on their own. That’s where Recruiters on Demand step in, so let’s dive right into it.

Signs That You Need a Recruiter On Demand

Your Business Is Growing

Things are going great and there are plenty of new positions waiting to be filled, but there’s a catch to it. The needs of your company, as well as your clients, are growing proportionally. As the saying goes, “time is money”, so they won’t be too happy waiting for you to upscale everything.

The road from a potential candidate to a new employee is a long one, especially when you want to filter out the best of the best. Your recruitment team will have a lot going on, and hiring new HR people in that moment would be counterproductive. So, what do you do? Rent experienced professionals from FatCat Select who will hop in as additional support.

You Are Running a Startup and Can’t Afford a Full-Time Recruiter

Even if money itself isn’t the problem, sometimes there’s no scope of work big enough for that person to sit in your office 40 hours a week. You’ll both feel bad and it’s also an illogical choice in terms of finances.

With a recruiter on demand, you can get one or more skilled people based on your hiring needs at the moment. Look at it as any other renting service, where you only get charged for the amount of time you’ve been using it.

Your Recruitment Team Needs Training Or Assistance

The IT industry is vast, and even that’s an understatement. Besides the wide variety of different programming languages and many distinct job positions requiring specific sets of technical skills, there are also numerous developers with varying levels of experience (Junior, Medior, Senior) and tech skills.

In other words, it might happen that your hiring team isn’t prepared for a specific hire. It would take them a lot more time and resources than someone who is already highly skilled in that area. Instead, you can get a recruiter on demand to guide them through the process and teach them simultaneously.

So, there’s a double benefit for your company. Even if your employees are too occupied with something else, our recruiters are experienced enough to handle the whole hiring process by themselves. Rest assured that in any case scenario, you’ll be satisfied with the results.

A Lot Of People Left the Company In a Short Amount of Time

We all prefer the scenario where you need help because the number of employees is growing, but sometimes the opposite happens due to various reasons. For your business to survive the sudden depletion, you’ll need to get new hires as fast as possible.

Mind you, those need to be people ready to fill their former colleagues’ boots and stay in the firm for a long time. So, both quality and quantity are on the table, while the clock is ticking. Well, you already know the best solution to this. Recruiters on demand who will help your business get back on its feet in no time.

Imagine if the 300 Spartans got additional backup or support in the moments when it started to seem impossible that they’ll win. This time, instead of fully armed warriors, we can offer you experienced recruiters who are not only profound in the IT industry but possess a great set of hiring skills.

Some of the Many Things a Recruiter On Demand Does:

  1. Sourcing candidates

  2. Screening candidates

  3. Writing job descriptions and ads

  4. LinkedIn promotions

  5. Interviews

  6. Onboarding and educating your recruiters

  7. Much, much more

Sometimes, even the best of the best need support. We’ve talked about football at the beginning, where legendary clubs such as Real Madrid and Barcelona loan a player here and then.

It’s not always about the money, since both of these are financially strong. Rather, it’s about getting the right assistance at the right time for whatever the goal is (pun absolutely intended).

FatCat Select always has a team of professional individuals on standby to assist you whenever and however you require so. Reach out to us with an inquiry and enjoy the whole process.