How FatCat Select can help you land a perfect job?

4 minutes read
Jun 25, 2021

Getting a job in your dream company or one with a great reputation is a tedious task, even for extremely talented people. At some point, it might even seem impossible. That’s where we step in.

Sometimes, even when you feel like you have given your best - a company will reject you and choose another candidate. Keep in mind that those scenarios don’t mean that you are not worthy enough of working there.
Rather, there wasn’t enough time or chances for them to gain a complete insight into your skills and character. Perhaps you’ve applied late for the position, or someone already made a big impression on them.

So, what’s the solution? Getting a super-duper hiring agency to help you out. Whether you are a junior developer eager to prove your skills, or a senior looking for your happy place, FatCat Select is the right choice!

Feedbacks Are Underrated

Yes, we’ve hit where it hurts the most right from the start. Some of you probably have experience with recruiters completely ghosting you, even after you make it to the final steps of the selection process. Not necessarily on purpose, as an email can end up in spam, but in most cases it is.

Even if you get a templated rejection message, you are still left there wondering: “What did I do wrong?” “How can I improve for the next job opportunity?” “Is it something that I can work on, or simply a thing of company culture?” No proper feedback equals no answers to these questions.

If you choose to work with us, you’ll quickly realize that we don’t tolerate that stuff. First, you’ll go through a thorough testing process within FatCat Select. Experienced people will do their best to see which company is the greatest match for you. Then, the firm will receive your results and our general thoughts on your competencies as a candidate. With all that info, they can still decide to test you further or just go straight for the salary negotiation process.

Sometimes it takes more candidates for the company to realize which one is the perfect match for them. If that’s not you at the given moment, don’t worry. You will be given guides that will help you figure out where you can improve, and which part of the task or the interview process went wrong. Those insights and tips will make your chances of getting closer to that perfect job even higher!

Forget About the Groundhog Day

The selection processes are time-consuming for both sides of it. In the technology industry, this is no exception. After a while, you realize that the HR and technical interviews are becoming more or less repetitive. Is there a way that you can prove your skills once and have someone stand behind your back saying: “This person knows their stuff, and is a right culture fit.”?

Yup, with FatCat Select’s candidate report. Think of it as a passport, detective’s badge, or something of sort. The point is - once you pass our extensive and in-depth testing process, you’ll get a signature saying that you’ve got what it takes. It is a valid document signed by a hiring agency that’s well known for delivering top-notch talent, or shortly: us.

Of course, a company can still choose to do the testing on their terms, but our clients quickly realize that we’ve already done the heavy lifting for them, and trust our assessment.

Salary Negotiations

Another unpopular part of hiring, apart from ghosting with no feedback, is the one where you have to put a price on your skills. It’s not an easy thing to do, especially if you are a junior developer paving their way through the top leagues.

No worries, we’ve got you covered. Right at the start of the selection process, we will simultaneously communicate the compensation terms with both you and the client. That way we try to ensure that everyone will make the final handshake completely satisfied.


Bigger competition means more effort to get that job offer you've been thinking about recently. Constantly applying, answering to the similar interview questions, solving entry tests you’ve seen a lot of times already, and waiting for results and feedback that may not even come, is exhausting. FatCat Select helps you manage all of those struggles by:

  • Doing all the heavy lifting revolving around the selection process for you

  • Filtering out companies that best match your skills and requirements

  • Making sure that you will receive proper feedback

  • Saving your test results and overall application information for any other future job openings

  • Helping you negotiate the salary and other terms

  • Much more!

Visit our website to find out more about us, or contact us directly with an inquiry. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and make the first step in helping you get where you want to be.